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The company offers Hardware and Software solutions to Clients under all platforms like Windows 2003 / 2008 / Advance / Enterprise Server, UNIX (UX, AIX), Linux, NetWare, Solaris and X-Windows. We do Systems Design and Integration. In our designs security, speed and user friendliness is given the utmost importance.

We offer both Desktop and Server Virtualization. On the Server front we also provide Mail Management, Clustering and Cloud computing. On the Desktop front our services extend also to End Point Protection and Management other than patch management solutions for both Desktops and Servers.


Networking is the torch with which Unique Enterprises is progressing and the reason why today the company has very good clientele.

The company has provided several small and large network solutions on various platforms for critical 24x7 uptime. We meet the complex needs of our clients because we work very comfortably with different mediums like Copper, Fiber optic, Wireless, Leased lines, V-Sat, Routers, Gateways, Layer7, Layer3 & Layer2 managed and unmanaged switches.

We do both active and passive networks. Our forte lies in meeting complex network requirements with a simple and roughed network design that can be managed easily. We not only design passive networks but also do the laying and commissioning of UTP, Fiber and Wireless networks.

Being profound in network technologies we also do Network Auditing. Unique Enterprises also offers VOIP and VPN solutions. In Corporates these would normally be clubbed into WAN / MAN solutions but due to its enormous market and the specialization required, it stands out as a separate service sector. Unique Enterprises with its strategical tie-ups offers quality solutions at very competitive price among the best in the world.


After offering hardware, software and network solutions to its customers, our movement to Managed Services came as a natural step to our road ahead. Being a services and relationship centric company we quickly grew in the area of managed services.

We offer resources for most of the IT domains like Helpdesk, Desktops management, Asset management, Vendor management, Datacenter management which include Server management, Mail management and Database management. We also offer resources for Network management which include the various platforms like Data, Voice, Wireless, IP Data Security and IP Camera Security.


The company offers Facility Management Services and undertakes third party maintenance of leading brands like IBM, Lenovo, HP etc., desktops, servers, notebooks, storage devices, printers, peripherals, network devices etc.

We have been handling customers with multiple locations in and out of Mumbai. We have in place an excellent system to avoid delays in co-ordination and resolution of any problem.


Servicing the corporate sector since 8 years (with many customers in service sector industries) we understand the need from quick and efficient response. We are a one stop-shop for the IT industry. We supply all their needs with a few of them listed below

  • Servers (Intel/Unix)
  • Printer / MFD's
  • Annual maintenance Contracts
  • LAN / WAN / MAN
  • Standard Software's
  • Audio / Video Presentation Solutions
  • Network Monitoring
  • Laptops
  • Facility Management
  • Internet / Intranet / Extranet
  • Web Hosting
  • OS Installation
  • Server Monitoring
  • Server Virtualization / Clustering
  • Storage solutions
  • IP Security Solutions
  • Desktops
  • Surveillance
  • Wi-Fi / WLAN
  • IP VPN
  • Mailing Solutions
  • Network Auditing
  • Router Monitoring
  • Disaster Recover solutions
  • Help Desk


As internet crosses all international borders and brings the world together, making it smaller (electronically). Unique Enterprises feels that not exploiting this frontier, will mount to major loss in this competitive world. With a strong foundation in the networking, NOS and our excellent business tie-ups we offer innovative Internet and Intranet solutions that vary from delivery, hosting and applications for communication for Internet and Intranet solutions for medium and enterprise companies for optimize their efficiency while keeping the cost low.

HOSPITALITY / CAMPUS – Wireless / Internet Connectivity

A booming sector ever since internet became affordable and more people started depending on it for information, entertainment, business and personal communication. Advances in Network Technologies like higher backbone speed, growing Internet infrastructure, easier means of distribution (like Wireless), higher bandwidths and lower cost per user, acts like a catalyst to this boom.

Unique Enterprises does the study, design and implements the hardware, software and system. Convenience to users and security of the system is balanced and yet never compromised. Indigenously developed software and hardware equipment along with blending different technologies helps us to meet the client's requirement and budget.

HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY: We provide turnkey solutions right from providing internet bandwidth, to distributing to the rooms, restaurants, lobby, business center, conference halls etc… Wi-Fi internet connection, billing software, systems, firewalls, user & bandwidth management is part of the package provided to the hospitality industry.

UNIVERSITY AND COLLEGE CAMPUSES: The Indian Educational System is coming of International Standards. Engineering students simulate experiments on computers to reduce time and cost. Management Students use laptops during lectures and do research during breaks. Computers and Internet stimulate the competitiveness, creativity and knowledge of students by going through the large Knowledge Base and Data Base available.

Technologies used include Wireless 802.11a/b/g/n, UTP, Fiber, (EoV) Ethernet on Voice, Dial-in-IP EPBAX, IVR, DSL, ADSL, PPPoE, VoIP etc.

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